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Fanano is a town in the province of Modena, in Emilia-Romagna, located south of the capital. It is the largest town of the High Frignano and much of its territory is located inside the regional park Modena Apennines. The altitude of its territory varies from 600 to 2165 m altitude above sea level It is part of the Union of Municipalities of Frignano, which has its own capital to Pavullo in Frignano.
Located in the territory of the Ligurian Friniates and certificates of attendance by Etruscan people, the name is traced back to a deformation of Fannianus can predial a Fannius attested by a funeral stele of Roman Modena.
The name of Fanano is documented eighth century. In Lombard times, in the early seventh century, St. Columban would found a monastery, later to become a Benedictine [3]. In the village center it is still a church dedicated to the saint of Ireland [4] [5]. In the territory of Fanano already during the Late Middle Ages there were many noble families into two opposing factions. Some of them were the Ottonelli, the Rinaldi, the Magnanini, the Fuoli, the Livaldi, the Ciardi Fighting, the Ballocchi Valley Hospitable, the Corsini and Guidarini Valley Fellicarolo, the Neruzzi, the Sabbatini, and others until the year 1537, when the Duke of Modena demolished the castle of the town because of the continuing unrest. In XIII it was founded a convent of Franciscans, while in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth were built the cloistered monastery of SS Annunziata for the Poor Clare Sisters, and the monastery Piarist with its school at the behest of Captain Ottonello Ottonelli. In the early eighteenth Don Giovanni Lolli Battsta erected in Hospitable, then he transferred to Fanano, a Capuchin monastery. recommend:


Hotel Siren

SIREN The hotel is located in a quiet and reserved, but near the village of Fanano, the structure is surrounded by greenery in the middle of one of the most beautiful parks in the area.

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