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history of fanano Fanano

history of fanano

The name of the town come from Fannius or Fannianus, inscription found on a roman funeral stele.
Official foundation is indeed trace back to romans era, but this area was already frequented by etruscan and ligurian that lived there approximately in the third century B.C.
The few road that passed trhoughout the mountain were lost following the barbarian invasion from north so that Fanano found itself pretty much isolated from the nearby towns.
Due to this isolation many religious community were led to settle in the area. They were the opportunity, for Fanano, of carry on a qulity culture and education thanks to the schools instituted by the religious for local people benefit.
In lombards era, king Astolfo, owner of that land, decided to cede it to his brother in law Anselmo who then founded the Abby of Nonantola connected through via Romea to the Benedectine Monastery os S.S Salvatore previously built. To this period dates back even the construction of many castles to protect and supervise the entire valley.
Afterward Fanano found itself under the power of the Este and experienced a period of relative quiet. At the end of the thirteenth century Modena granted to the town the ability to organize monthly a market and sell local product which allowed a significant increase in Fanano's economy.
Today, thanks to the development of ski implants of Cimone and to the many sports practicable surrounded by nature, Fanano ranks among the most popular tourist destinations of the Apennines.